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Strategic Global Intelligence by NSI

strategic global intelligence

The multitude of unfortunate incidents of violence, natural disasters, civil unrest and terror attacks that have taken place in recent months have brought the need for up to the minute travel intelligence to the forefront for many concerned business travellers.

NSI’s Strategic Global Intelligence division offers a unique service providing protection, prevention and risk management for executive travellers. Live up to the minute reporting from in-field agents allows you to anticipate, and strategically out manoeuvre any in field threat, such as terror attacks, natural disasters, armed conflicts, health hazards, civil unrest (political, ethnic, religious) and emerging militant groups and social movements.

NSI provides you with the most sophisticated and comprehensive global intelligence and executive support services to ensure your safety and the continuity of your business. Our intelligence reports will assist you in taking proactive safety measures, making informed decisions, and most importantly help you ensure the security and safety of your most valuable assets.

In the event you and your party are caught in a volatile area, NSI can also provide specialist teams whom will then extract you from danger and deliver you to safety.

Don’t take the risk with an inferior, incomplete service! Contact NSI to discuss our Strategic Global Intelligence Services.


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