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Baghdad Suicide Attack: 35 People Killed And Over 90 Wounded

Double Suicide Bombing Baghdad

BAGHDAD – Up to 35 people have been killed and over 90 wounded in a twin suicide bombing in central Baghdad on Monday the 15th of January 2018. This has been the deadliest attack this year in the capital according to a ministry official.

It is believed two men detonated explosives vests in Aviation Square, which is a commercial district and meeting point for people seeking work, labourers made up the majority of casualties from the blasts.

The first assailant detonated his explosives around 07:00 GMT, as day labourers, shopkeepers and street vendors were gathering for the workday, according to a traffic police officer who witnessed the attack. Moments after the first bomb was detonated whilst people were running for cover the second bomb was set off.

Whilst there was no immediate claim of responsibility for the bombings officials in charge suspect it was the work of Islamic State sleeper cells. Iraqi forces finally claimed victory over IS militants last month, who occupied almost a third of Iraq since 2014.

Since 2015 Iraqi forces have implemented tighter security measures around Baghdad, in an effort to decrease insurgents infiltrating the city. This increased security has also seen a decline in the manufacturing capabilities of Jihadist bomb factories west of Baghdad, which have plagued the region since the mid-2000’s.

NSI advises those operating in the region to be vigilant and avoid unnecessary travel through crowded areas of the city.

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