Operation Iron Hammer Launched in Iraq

Iraqi security forces launched a large-scale campaign to purge the vicinity of Kirkuk from the remnants of ISIS terrorist groups, the Security Media Cell (SMC) said in a statement on Wednesday.

The cell said – in a statement carried by Alsumaria News – “Under the supervision of the Joint Operations Command, Operation Iron Hammer was launched this morning, which is a broad and comprehensive security operation, to search Wadi al-Shay and Wadi Azgaitun in Kirkuk Governorate and the areas adjacent to the Hamrin mountain range.”

The statement added, “In this operation, units of the Counter-Terrorism Service and Special Forces of the Iraqi Army participated, with the support of the Air Force and Army Aviation Commands.”

He added, “This operation comes with the aim of drying up the sources of terrorism, pursuing ISIS terrorist elements, and cleansing the lands.”

The Iraqi National Security Service also arrested 29 accused of religious extremism in several governorates, namely Baghdad, Dhi Qar, Babil, Qadisiyah, Muthanna, Basra, Maysan, Wasit, and Najaf.

In a press statement reported by the Iraqi News Agency, the agency said that, in implementation of judicial arrest warrants, the agency’s members were able to arrest 29 accused of belonging to extremist movements, by continuing its expanded campaign to pursue and arrest members of those extremist movements that try to offend religious beliefs and symbols and threaten community peace.

He affirmed that the accused have been referred to the competent judicial authorities to receive their just punishment.


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