Nigerian Army Confirms Boko Haram Commanders Surrender

A senior official of the extremist group Boko Haram has surrendered to Nigerian army forces currently carrying out counter-terrorism operations in the northeastern region of Nigeria, the Army spokesman Bernard Onyeuko.

The terrorist leader, identified as Saleh Mustapha, led Boko Haram forces in the Bama region, one of the places of frequent attacks in Borno State, in northeastern Nigeria, said Bernard Onyeuko, speaking to journalists in Abuja, the Nigerian capital.

Mustapha surrendered to troops on Tuesday, Onyeuko said, explaining that the army had intensified its anti-terrorist operations in this part of the country since March 25.

According to the military spokesperson, a total of 51,114 terrorists and their family members have surrendered so far as a result of these intense military operations. Of this total, 24,335 are children, 11,398 adult men, and 15,381 adult women. Also, troops neutralized scores of terrorist arrests, 22 terrorist spies, 11 terrorists, three logistics suppliers, rescued 30 civilians, and of significance, the surrender of a high-profile terrorist, Commander Sale Mustapha to his own troops in Bama.

However, Mr. Onyeuko did not wish to specify when exactly the surrender of the terrorists began.

All the terrorists who surrendered were registered and handed over to the relevant authorities for appropriate action.

Boko Haram was collaborating with its affiliated group, the Islamic State in West Africa (ISWA), with the aim of establishing an Islamic state in northeast Nigeria. These terrorist groups have also extended their attacks to other countries bordering Lake Chad.


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