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Remotely turning phones of criminals into listening devices

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Still under the assumption that your mobile phone is safe from Spyware as long as you are careful about what apps you install or attachments you open? With the right knowledge and equipment ANYONE CAN ACCESS YOUR MOBILE PHONE REMOTELY and listen in to your calls and the immediate surroundings as evidenced by the following article. Please keep in mind while the attached article discusses the investigation of suspected criminals, it is actually the average law abiding citizen whom is most at risk.

You may have heard of the use of encrypted apps and phones as a means of protecting your private communications. Even so called encrypted apps and secure phones have been designed from the ground up with a backdoor to the coding which allows access to those with the skills to do so.

NSI are Australian Authorised Resellers of the world’s most secure End to End Encrypted Communications System. The Cryptophone encryption is 4096 bit Diffie-Hellmann (Key Exchange) and the voice and data is encrypted with AES 256 and Twofish. This solution offers the best and most secure end-to-end encrypted calls from and to mobile, fixed-line and satellite networks. They are used by governments worldwide and are the only secure phones that come with the full source code available for independent review. There are no backdoors, verifiable by independent research.

The latest Cryptophone mobile phone – the CP500i, has the ability to scan cell towers through its baseband firewall system. This system can quickly and easily advise you of any interception from rogue base stations/cell towers. A fake base station or cell tower is used to get mobile phones that are within range to grant full access without any security protocols. This technology is no longer only in the hands of Law Enforcement (as per the attached article) , it is being acquired by more and more criminal elements.

This technology is a major threat to every current mobile handset in that conversations may be read and listened to. Worse yet, they are given COMPLETE ACCESS TO ALL STORED DATA ON YOUR PHONE including: private pictures, videos, email, GPS Tracking, browser history, passwords for social media, and banking apps!

Texts can be faked and sent to you from anyone in your contact list. This can be used to blackmail or lure you into a dangerous situation! Your bank account can be emptied and your every movement tracked! Your intellectual property can be stolen and sold to the highest bidder!

Contact NSI today to enquire about the Cryptophone suite of communications devices which include mobile phones, desk phones, servers, and satellite phones. To read the full article, click here.



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