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How to Reduce Threats for Employees Working From Home

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Companies often give employees the opportunity to work from home. This can be mutually beneficial however one important aspect to note is the protection of company secrets. With employees working in their own homes it is much harder to secure information. A few suggestions that can increase the safety are:

1. Secure Access: Employees must use virtual private network or other secure access procedures to access your secure server. If your employees use their own device, they must understand that this does not mean that information on them become theirs.

2. Set Permission: Classify data (public, confidential, read only) and keep track of employee clearance levels.

3. Utilize Software Tools: Use programs that allow you to lock document files, stop screenshots, watermark documents and log document views.

4. Employee Training: Have employment agreements and policies that clearly identify the do’s and don’ts. Train employees in recognising potential threats and to report problems immediately.

5. Lock and Key: Review the environment the employee works in: the physical security and network security and who in the household and access the information.


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