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ISIS Supporter Detonates Pipe Bomb in Manhattan Subway

ISIS Supporter Detonates Pipe Bomb in Manhattan Subway

terror suspect under arrest at the Port authority subway station, after detonating a pipe bomb injuring himself.


On December 11th, At 7:20am New York EST, an Islamic State supporting extremist has been apprehended by law enforcement in Manhattan’s subway system after detonating a homemade pipe bomb attached to his body.

The bomb’s explosive chemicals ignited but the housing of the bomb remained intact, creating a smaller explosion than was intended. However, 5 innocent bystanders as well as the bomber were injured. The bomber was also incapacitated by the explosion which resulted in severe burns to his hands and abdomen which allowed his apprehension by authorities. He was taken to Bellevue Hospital in a serious condition.

Radicalised 27 year old Akayed Ullah, spoke to police officials regarding the incident. According to Ullah, the reason why he chose the location was because of the Christmas themed decorations in place. He stated that he did it in retaliation to U.S military airstrikes on terrorist group Islamic State and other targets located in Syria.

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