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Events affecting Business Continuity

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The recent horrific terror attacks in Belgium and Turkey highlight the desperately urgent need our law abiding society has for Actionable Intelligence. Timely detailed Actionable Intelligence can mitigate risks, damages, financial losses, and most importantly, loss of life.

Our global intelligence and executive support services include:

• Country Specific Intelligence Briefings
• Regional Intelligence Packages
• Strategic Intelligence Alerts
• Dynamic Mapping
• Travel and Itinerary based monitoring reports
• Daily Strategic Alerts for regions around the world
• Geopolitical Risk Analysis
• On-Call 24/7 Immediate Response Units
• Executive and Personal Protection

When this service is put in place, our analysts can triangulate and assess information from local press, blogs, social media and infield operatives, in order to have a full overview of events. These reports and assessments are not solely focused on security but on a wide range of events affecting Business Continuity such as terror attacks, natural disasters, armed conflicts, health hazards, civil unrest (political, ethnic, religious) and emerging militant groups and social movements.

NSI will work closely with you, providing in-depth analysis, summary, and recommended courses of action. All recommendations and methodology will take advantage of state of the art technology and be aligned with worldwide best practices.

Don’t take the risk with an inferior, incomplete service! Contact NSI to and speak with our Geopolitical Risk and Strategic Global Intelligence team.


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