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Corporate Spies Accessing Company Secrets

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It’s surprising how easy company data can be leaked. According to a survey done by the American Society for Industrial Security, of the 138 companies that responded, they reported the loss of proprietary information cost them at least $53 billion. It may be a disgruntled employee targeted by competitive companies, or new employees with hidden intentions or IT professionals leaking security keys.

A few tips that may reduce the leakage of secret company data are:

1. Conduct thorough background checks, even for lower level employees such as janitor or mail-room staff that can easily access classified information.

2. HR mentoring new hires and their behaviour

3. Use technology to limit employee exposure to sensitive information.

4. Auditing regularly maintaining an awareness of what needs protection and the level or protection for information.

5. Be nice to employees.

6. Have employees sign non-compete agreements and posting corporate polices about company monitoring and logging computer usage.

7. Having data encrypted so that IT professionals cannot view the data but can still perform technical procedures.


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