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Apple iOS Targeted in Massive Cyber Espionage Campaign

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With the increasing number of users across the globe using Apple products, hacking into Apple iOS opens a gateway to accessing infinite amounts of confidential data and information. ‘Operation Pawn Storm’ is the latest found massive cyber espionage campaign targeting Apple. It uses a specially crafted iOS app to steal from mobile device text messages, contact lists, pictures, GPS location, WiFi status, lists of installed apps and processes and record voice conversations. It is still unknown how victims’ Apple iOS devices get infected. The operation first targeted Microsoft users before being reprogrammed to target Apple.


‘Researchers at security firm Trend Micro first announced the news Wednesday, making it clear that the “active economic and political cyber-espionage operation” has now cast a much wider net. Infiltration of a high-level target using an iOS or Microsoft device could cost them their text messages, contact lists, pictures and location data. It could also automatically start voice recordings and steal other potentially sensitive material.’

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