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7 Household Items That Can Be Spying On You

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Nowadays many items are equipped with cameras and microphones these items can potentially be spying on you.

Household Items That Can Be Spying On You

1. Video Game Consoles: Sony and Microsoft offer a motion-voice-controlled camera in their consoles. The cameras can be activated by voice and can be inadvertently powered on.

Household Items That Can Be Spying On You

2. Smart TVs: Many smart TVs come with an integrated microphone and camera. These cameras can activate when you turn on your television.



3. Digital Personal Assistant: Devices like Amazon Echo, Apple Siri and Google Now are voice activated and include a microphone that can record your conversation.



4. Children’s toys: New Wi-Fi connected dolls can now listen and respond to children. Some of these toys even record children and send parents email highlights from their conversation and these conversations are stored on toy developer servers.



5. Appliances: many home appliances are now fitted with either camera, microphone or both allowing you to speak to your appliances. It is therefore important that you are aware of the monitoring devices the product comes with so that they are not activated unintentionally.



6.Home Security Systems: most of these systems store archival footage to the cloud. Day-to-day movements are recorded. This could be vulnerable if hackers gain access to a username or password allowing them to monitor a homeowner in live time.



7. Laptops – built-in web camera on laptops can be turned on when you are not actively using it and hackers can gain access and watch you at home. Updating system software and downloading software updates help prevent web camera security breaches.

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