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Can I recover messages from Messenger after I have deleted the app or tried data recovery software?

By: Navid Sobbi

In part 1 (link to part 1) we explained how it is possible to recover deleted Messenger messages from your phone using a proper digital forensic extraction process. This is done by reconstructing the Messenger database which contains all your messages be they:

  • Sent,
  • Received, and
  • Deleted

In this article, we will explain what happens when:

  1. You have attempted to recover the deleted messages from Messenger yourself.
  2. You have deleted the Messenger app then reinstalled it in the hope that the messages would reappear.

Using data recovery software can be harmful as the software needs to be saved onto a computer to be installed to the phone or installed directly on the phone itself (read this article re The Dangers of using data recovery software).

The process of installing the data recovery software to the phone can actually overwrite crucial areas within the phone’s memory. In most instances, the data recovery software will require you to update your phone’s operating system to ensure compatibility with their software.

This part of the process has the potential to do the most harm as it:

  1. Backs up your device.
  2. Updates your software and,
  3. Reinstalls your backup.

This non-forensic process, unfortunately, overwrites an extensive amount of deleted data from your phone’s memory with new data. This non-forensic process also wipes all app databases, and all apps must then be reinstalled.

If your Messenger app has been deleted, the area in which the database was created is wiped and reconstructing it is difficult. Also, if the phone is still in use, the chances of data being overwritten increase. If you reinstall the app, this then creates a new database which will not have the original data within it.

At NSI, we can perform a forensic process known as Social and Cloud Forensic Extraction. This allows our digital forensic examiners to access the database that is held at the app manufacturer’s servers.

We can then:

  1. Extract data that is being held on the cloud,
  2. Extract all the data from your device,
  3. Overlay both extractions and,
  4. Attempt to reconstruct the deleted Messenger data.

At NSI, we have true Digital Forensic Data Recovery tools to enable every possible extraction method and we will exhaust every possible avenue in order to recover deleted Messenger messages. Contact us today and let us retrieve your deleted Messenger messages.

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