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28 Jun 2017
Ransomware Hacked

Global companies affected by new suspected Ransomware Attack

A major cyber-attack has impacted large multinational companies around the world, including Russian mining firm Evraz and oil giant Rosneft, French manufacturing company Saint-Gobain and Danish shipping company AP Moller-Maersk. Dutch media […]
5 Jan 2016
bug sweeps

Defining a Cyber Breach

The incidence of Cyber breaches is increasing at an exponential rate. No organisation is immune be it Small, Medium, Large Corporate, Multinational, or Government. Many are caught simply unprepared. With the potentially […]
30 Dec 2015
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The Dangers of using Data Recovery Software

The Dangers of using data recovery software – Don’t even attempt it before reading this! Historically the Christmas and New Year period sees demand for data recovery skyrocket. Digital devices mixed with […]
30 Dec 2015
Cyber Security Sydney Android Flaw

Use of Spyware on Employees

Employees Beware! More and more employers are using covert technology to track and monitor their employees. You would be surprised how much of your life, both inside and outside of work, can […]
21 Dec 2015
Corporate Security Privacy

Online Christmas Shopping and Banking Security Tips

It is that time of the year when people let their guard down. Hackers and scammers are out in force, preparing to make a lot of money from unsuspecting people by using […]
12 Mar 2015
Why Background Checks are Important for Corporations

Why Background Checks are Important for Corporations

Background checks are important to make sure that the person you’ll hire is trustworthy.  No matter how fine he or she looks and acts, you still don’t know his or her background.  […]
11 Mar 2015
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How Penetration Testing Can help Maximize Your Company’s Online Security

Being aware of the existing online security threats should be a must. It’s also very important to stay updated with the risks that are out there. This is because the effectiveness of […]