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20 Apr 2018

20 Million+ Google Chrome Users Are Victims Of Malware Infected Ad Blockers

The Current Situation It has come to light that several Google chrome ad blocker extensions may have been hacked. Five ad blocker extensions that have already been installed by over 20 million […]
20 Dec 2017

Western Sydney Man Charged Over Alleged Foreign Fighter Offences

In yet another first this week, a western Sydney man has been the first person on Australian soil to be charged with “incursion into foreign countries with the intention of engaging in […]
18 Dec 2017

Terrorist attack on Church in Pakistan.

A terrorist attack in Balochistan, Pakistan, has killed at least 8 people and wounded a further 56. The attack targeted the Bethel Memorial Methodist Church in Quetta. Pronvincial chief minister Mir Sarfraz […]
11 May 2017

Google decides to wait till release of “Android O” to patch critical flaw

In the news this week comes the revelation that millions of Android smartphones are at serious risk of “screen hijack”. This android vulnerability allows criminal hackers to steal your passwords, banking details, […]
8 May 2017

Are the sensors in your mobile device spying on you?

Research from Newcastle University shows that PINs and passwords can be discovered by apps that hijack your mobile device’s onboard sensors. “Most smartphones, tablets, and other wearables are now equipped with a […]
5 May 2017

Is your brand new phone free from Spyware?

How sure are you that the brand new phone you just purchased is free from Spyware? Recently 38 Android devices belonging to two unidentified companies were found to be infected with Spyware […]