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Live Boardroom Monitoring

Live Boardroom Monitoring

Our client conducts monthly board meetings whereby discussions are of a sensitive nature. The meetings occur in their offices throughout Australia via video conferencing. Our client utilises our specialty service of live monitoring of the meeting and our ability to be in 2 or 3 of their locations.

Our 3 teams are equipped with the same equipment each which gives us the ability to conduct the bug sweeps and live monitor in all locations with ease. We also have our control centre watch the live monitor from our head quarters in Sydney.

Live TSCM Meeting Monitoring from Multiple Locations

NSI Global Counter Intelligence offers a unique On-Site and Off-Site TSCM Monitoring service available to the private, corporate and government sectors for the detection and location of illegal or stealthy transmitters within sensitive areas inside buildings such as embassies, VIP rooms, security and military establishments, prisons and corporate conference and boardrooms. NSI are able to provide specialised units to counter the increasing security threats caused by modern high technology bugging devices or by communications devices such as mobile phones that are unapproved in secure areas.

Our units offer uninterrupted 24 hour 7 day a week Radio Spectrum Monitoring to prevent information being leaked, providing the highest level of security and privacy against signals of all types, including transient transmissions such as pulsing or short-burst devices for extremely sensitive areas such as Sensitive Compartmentalised Information Facilities, Secure Working Areas and so on. Our Off-Site TSCM Monitoring service is monitored from our secure operations centre in Sydney and Canberra.