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Digital Forensic Analysis

Mobile Phone Forensic Data Recovery and Spyware Analysis

A client contacted us and advised that she was in a family court matter. The client needed evidence of certain SMS text messages, images, and WhatsApp messages to be presented to court in what was a child custody and assault case. Our client stated that she noticed data was missing from her Apple iPhone X and that her child’s Samsung Galaxy Tablet had data missing from it also.

The forensic analysis of the client’s phone was successful. Not all data was retrieved, due to the software update overwriting some data, however, there was enough data retrieved for the courts to favour the client. The analysis of her child’s Samsung Tablet resulted in spyware being detected that allowed her ex-partner to monitor their movements, take photos of their surrounds, and listen to conversations. Our legally qualified forensic examiners provided a full report and affidavit to be presented into court and this resulted in the Police charging her ex-partner for breaching the Surveillance Devices Act.

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How can we help?

Unlike others, we do not use software tools that claim to recover data. Our examiners live and breathe phones and understand how they work. We provide our services to many law enforcement and government bodies and are trusted by our clientele to provide legally admissible forensic reports. Our technologies can examine more than 30,000 different mobile phones so you can rest assured that your phone can be analysed without any problems.

We constantly update our equipment and always cater for all new phones in the market. We do not limit ourselves with one forensic tool. Our forensic examiners use a number of different forensic equipment to give you the best chances of recovering your data.

These are some of the types of data our digital forensic service can obtain:
  • Recover Deleted SMS text messages
  • Recover Deleted phone book contact entries
  • Recover Deleted social media and app data
  • Call history
  • Deleted images, videos and audio
  • Email access
  • Web History
  • Bluetooth paired device history
  • Detection of spyware or malware
  • and so much more…