TSCM Bug Sweep

TSCM Bug Sweep

A publicly listed Australian infrastructure company conducted renovation work in their executive office area in Kuala Lumpur. The company hired NSI to conduct a security risk review where we recommended that a Technical Surveillance Counter Measures survey of their premises be conducted when the renovations were complete.

NSI also conducted a background screening of all workers conducting the renovation. As part of the TSCM sweep, a forensic analysis on the executives’ iPad’s and laptops was also conducted as they regularly travel to China for business.

Mission Statement

National Surveillance and Intelligence pledges to remain ever vigilant and stay 10 steps ahead of criminal technology. We will not limit ourselves to one area of speciality and leave our clientele vulnerable. We will continue to elevate the practices of Counter Espionage and Security Risk Management on a global scale. We will continue to offer the most comprehensive suite of bespoke countermeasures the industry has ever seen.

We Will Secure Your Peace Of Mind.