TSCM Bug Sweep

TSCM Bug Sweep

A publicly listed Australian infrastructure company conducted renovation work in their executive office area in Kuala Lumpur. The company hired NSI to conduct a security risk review where we recommended that a Technical Surveillance Counter Measures survey of their premises be conducted when the renovations were complete.

NSI also conducted a background screening of all workers conducting the renovation. As part of the TSCM sweep, a forensic analysis on the executives’ iPad’s and laptops was also conducted as they regularly travel to China for business.

What is the Unique NSI Methodology?

What is unique to NSI is that we assess your ENTIRE working environment including the premises, the staff, your practices, your technology, and external threats.

After completing a full technical threat assessment, a bespoke security package is designed for your specific environment and circumstances. We uncover every vulnerability that rogue elements would exploit in order to steal from or damage you.

Part of this is your TSCM Bug Sweep which comprises of:
  • Physical search for hidden transmitters, microphones, and cameras.
  • Radio frequency spectrum analysis;
  • Non-Linear Junction Evaluation;
  • Thermal Emissions Analysis;
  • Telephone and network analysis;
  • VoIP system analysis;
  • Electronic inspection for covert video setups;
  • Carrier current analysis of AC outlets and cabling throughout the premises.